Cop Suspected in Sex Crime Dies in Shootout

Courtesy of The Daily Kenn

Cop Suspected in Sex Crime Dies in Shootout

Following an active investigation, cops in Santa Maria, CA, tried to arrest their fellow officer. He was on duty, working a DUI checkpoint in the early AM. He resisted arrest, drew his gun, fired it. So another cop shot him in the chest, and he died on the table.

Now, the first thing that sprang to my mind was, “Black or Mestizo.” It’s got NAM written all over it. 1, humping a 17 year old girl. 2, witness intimidation. 3, so bad, they couldn’t wait for him to be off duty somewhere. 4, resisted arrest. 5, drew his gun on fellow cops. These things scream “NAM.” I was thinking Black, but they’re in CA so I knew Mestizo was a good second guess.

And of course, the “name of the officer killed has not been released because some family members were still being notified”. That, and he’s a Mestizo:

The leader of a Latino civil rights group is asking whether police should have attempted the impromptu arrest in public, the Santa Maria Times reports. “How well trained are they to respond to these crises?” he asked. But police chief Danny Macagni says there was no outside agency to call at one in the morning, and cited evidence “that demanded that we go out and take this officer off the street immediately.” The dead officer, however, won’t be honored in the usual police fashion because “that would be totally hypocritical on my part.” A small memorial with a candle and balloon has been placed near the shooting.

(Cop Suspected in Sex Crime Dies in Shootout)

So, the predictive power of racism pays off again. 1-5 screamed “NAM,” and they were right. And of course, 24+ hours weren’t enough to “notify the officer’s family,” because as of a few minutes ago, all the stories are still running the “name withheld” stuff. I guess they have to tour Majico looking for all 10k of his “close family,” before they can release the scumbag’s name.

Note: anybody know the age of consent in Mexifornia? I know the prudish liberal media likes to pretend an adult screwing a 17 year old is ipso facto a crime nationwide, but it isn’t. In fact in most places, it’s not, because in most places, the age of consent is 16 or 17. So I’m kind of curious what the “sex crime” is here. Libtard condottieri journalists are of course clouding the issue by using “misconduct” and “sex crime” as if they’re interchangeable, which they aren’t; it’s entirely possible that he violated departmental regulations without violating the law.


One thought on “Cop Suspected in Sex Crime Dies in Shootout

  1. According to the Daily Mail, the cop’s name was Alberto Covarubbias, Jr.

    It’s amazing how much one learns checking the Mail. I discovered that an immigrant who lived a few blocks away had blown himself up in Pakistan building a bomb. This happened some months ago and not a word was anywhere on t.v. or in the paper.

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