Jews Are Not White

It’s a common refrain from philo-Semites, as seen here from ole Rotgut:

Jews ARE White people.

Ethiopian Jews are white? None of those swarthy Israelis I see are Jews?

Racially and generally speaking, Ashkenazis are White people insofar as Caucasoids are White people. Insofar as White means European Caucasoid or Europid, they’re roughly 1/2 white. Insofar as White means white ethnicity, they’re not White at all – ethnicity is cultural, as well as racial.

So it’s not as simple as “Jews ARE White people.”

Arabs and Turks are Caucasoid, but people don’t really think of them as White. When people complain about or blame Whites, they aren’t talking about Arabs, Turks, Persians, Armenians or Ashkenazis. Arabs, Turks, Persians, Armenians and Ashkenazis can all say “I’m not white” and get away with it. Although I’d think Ashkenazis who have been here a few generations would probably have a harder time getting away with it than others who have not (at least with savvy Whites). But sticky situations like this are what those vaunted brains are for. And on the other hand, I’ve heard the denials and apologia on this already (the best route is probably to claim Whiteness but deny the guilty parts; “well, yeah, we’re white, but not ‘that’ sort of white. We didn’t do those naughty things; you’re trying to convict us on a genetic technicality here. Oh, and…THE HOLOCAUST!!!”). So I’m not just speculating here.

You aren’t really a thing if being that thing has downsides that you can opt out of, but others that are that thing cannot. In that case what we really have is two different things.

There are several important differences between Ashkenazis and Whites. Ashkenazis think it’s hunkey-dorey to fight (and foment) aggressive wars to preserve and protect their ethno-state while they campaign against the very idea of ethno-states for Whites. Whites think the same thing, though to a lesser degree. So where’s the difference? Who-whom. Askenazis: “ethnocentrism is good when we do it; it’s bad when whites do it.” Whites: “ethnocentrism is bad when we do it; it’s good when Ashkenazis do it.” Ashkenazis put their interests ahead of their host’s interests; Whites put their guests’ interests ahead of their own. White guilt means guilt over Whites being ethnocentric; “Jewish guilt” means not being ethnocentric enough.

In terms of core ethnic identity, Whites and Ashkenazis are opposites.

And no, Jews classically don’t give a damn about the gentiles. To them, they’re all the same.

Not true. They’re handled totally differently, depending on Ashkenazi interests. See how Arabs vs. North Koreans are handled by American Ashkenazis, for example. And intermarriage; ever notice how nobody ever talks about how many black people the black-promoting (and supposedly black-loving) Ashkenazis actually marry? How many NAMs do Ashkenazis marry? I’d guess the upper bounds would be half the rate of white Americans groups (say, Anglo-Saxon or Scots-Irish), since their intermarriage rate is about half that of white American groups.

P.S., Rosenbaum’s thinking and manner are nothing if not old school Ashkenazi. I can’t wait for his (stinking?) piece (of?) on (top of?) Christmas.


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