Things Famous Men Have Said About The Jews

Someone on my old blog made the excellent suggestion that Ethnopatriots should gather quotes from famous men about the Jooz (step up and take credit sir, I’ve forgotten who you were). So, here’s the thread for the purpose. I managed to (“African-American!!!”)-rig this thread up onto the sidebar, so it’ll always be right where everyone can find it. Until FATPO kicks my door down and drags me away screaming, anyway.

Links are welcome.


10 thoughts on “Things Famous Men Have Said About The Jews

  1. I like this admission of exaggeration (note the number!) from famous Jewish historian Tzvi Hirsh “Heinrich” Graetz’s History of the Jews:

    The Polish general, Czarnicki, who hated the Jews, ill-used those spared by Cossacks, Russians, and the wild Swedes of the Thirty Years’ War, under the pretense that they had a traitorous understanding with the Swedes. The Poles also behaved barbarously to the Jews, destroyed the synagogues, and tore up the holy scriptures. All Poland was like a bloody field of battle, on which Cossacks, Russians, Prussians, Swedes, and the troops of Prince Ragoczi of Transylvania wrestled; the Jews were ill-used or slain by all. Only the Great Elector of Brandenburg behaved leniently towards them. The number of Jewish families said to have perished in ten years of this war (600,000) is certainly exaggerated, but the slaughtered Jews of Poland may well be rated at a quarter of a million.

  2. William D. Hamilton:

    “it seems to me one of the most paradoxical of all the many impacts Judaism has had on the present world that it is the cousins (at least in a broad ethnic sense) of the very people who claim, on the authority of ancient writings, a right to deprive other Middle Easterners of their land and freedom, who generate from among their intellectuals the arguments that convince the rest of us that panhumanism is a worthy ideal….”

  3. Tacitus on the Jews:

    The source is a Jewish source, but the negative things that Tacitus says do not appear to be edited.

    Famous French wit, Voltaire, had less than glowing things to say about them:

    Dostoevsky’s A Writer’s Diary has negative things about the Jews. I have never read it; the only full English translation is expensive at ~$40.

    This site contains many quotes, most of which have been sourced:

    However, I would check the source since the site does not seem to be a paragon of reliability (the main page invites us to witness the Second Coming in .flv form).

    It is certainly interesting that everyone from a French Enlightenment playwright to a Roman senator to an Orthodox Christian novelist have had bad things to say about the Jews.

  4. In fact, when you get the uncensored – that is, before the Jews got hold of the MSM, academia, and public discourse – original versions of their writings, you discover that most of the great creators of Western Civilization – artists, musicians, writers, philosophers, economists, political leaders, etc. – had quite critical things to say about the activities of organized Jewry. Grimstad’s book, cited above, is first rate and Solar General @ has an even larger collection of statements on the Jewish problem.

  5. Hey Svigor that was me (I) who made that suggestion! Sean S. My point was, for example: Who’s going to call Voltaire or T.S. Eliot a knuckle-dragging redneck?

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