This is a list of must-read articles, blog posts, etc.

“Race Purists”—Are They “Slightly Nuts”?

Jared Taylor pretty much says it all about miscegenation (I’m a “Wogs-Begin-At-Calais” Englishman when it comes to relationships and marriage, btw).

Fuck The Holocaust

The title speaks for itself.

14 thoughts on “Must-Reads

    • Because I find him amusing. 🙂 He’s got a good blog. He makes kiddie-pool race-realism (those durn nigras and spics but no further!) far more entertaining than the rest. And I enjoy needling him now and then.

      This whole thing is “business” to me, not personal. If he ever decides to go full Auster (kinda like “full retard,” but worse) and turns his blog fully masturbatory, I’d probably drop the link. Until then, I encourage ANTI-SEMITES!!! to go there and have a little fun.

  1. If my question about your linking to unamused’s blog is still awaiting moderation even though others after it have been posted, never mind. I was just surprised that you would link to him.

    • Nothing personal, doc. For some reason I hadn’t even noticed your comment. I’ve been ignoring my blog since my last post; I make no promises about keeping it neat, tidy, or updated. 😉

  2. I am astonished that Kevin MacDonald is scared of that subject (the Big H). Some things are too taboo even for him. I can only assume that most intellectually-minded people who have read on the subject know that the Big H is a…hoax (KMac included), but surprisingly few are willing to put the rubber to the road (or your choice of metaphor).

    • Ben, I didn’t put much thought into the list. I just thought “Fuck the Holocaust” was a “must-read,” and started a thread for a list, and threw FtH in there. I’ll update and organize it as it grows and readers bring in links.

  3. Morris Fishbone et al,

    Are you distressed for what I said in some of my “anti-Christian” articles? Is that why you say “unamused’s blog”?

    To my mind, the best way to destroy Judaism is to question the very axiological fabric of Christianity itself. After all it was us who emancipated the Jews after the French Revolution (something that the Muslims will never do in their countries). You cannot revert liberal meta-ethics and expel the Jews in a racially-conscious America of the future and at the same time believe in the Bible. It is a psychological impossibility. Hitler and the Nazis saw it so clearly that they tried to replace Christian mythology with Wagnerian inspiration of Teuton lore.

    In the book Hitler’s Table Talk you will see that the Führer himself blamed more Christianity for our problems than Judaism. No shit. I am reading that book and was astounded to learn this. (Take into consideration that according to David Irving, Hitler’s Table Talk represents unadulterated Hitler in contrast to Mein Kampf that the Führer did not write.)

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