Trayvon: please stop calling him a “child.”

Team Trayvon (the “mainstream” media, libtards, leftoids, Blacks, assorted goofballs) are fond of referring to 17-year-old, 6-foot-plus Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” Martin as a “child.” A “child” who brings pot and bags of stolen jewelry to school, wears a “grill” (removable gold teef), makes fight club videos of himself, calls himself a “made nigga,” etc.

(It’s funny how when 17-year-old Blacks act out in a group, they’re “youths,” and when they’re left alone by their parents to prowl around a strange neighborhood, they’re “children,” but when it comes to sex they’re “young adults,” no?)

I suppose that Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” is a “child” to the degree to which his father is guilty of child neglect for having left him alone without any supervision.

According to

Here are some things to consider when deciding if your child is old enough to be home alone without a sitter:

You child needs to be responsible. Age does not matter, if your child is not responsible enough to know that he needs to sit down and start on his homework rather than playing video games. Additionally, does your child have good judgment and reasoning abilities, making it possible for him to remember not to open the door when the doorbell chimes, or not let a stranger on the phone know that you are not there?

Epic fail. EPIC. Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” wasn’t responsible enough to know not to bring pot and hot jewelry to school, or to get himself suspended from school several times a year, much less responsible enough to do his homework. His judgment was nowhere near the level of responsibility needed, according to these guidelines.

Is your home safe? If you live in a safe neighborhood, your windows and doors are in good repair, and your child knows how to work the burglar alarm and call the authorities if necessary, you could say that it is by and large safe for your child to be home alone. On the other hand, if your home is near to venues that attract unsafe characters and if your neighborhood is prone to gang violence, leaving your child home alone is unwise.

Epic fail. EPIC. The neighborhood was a high-crime area, and Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” Martin couldn’t even be trusted not to prowl around outdoors.

Have you trained your child in proper safety procedures? In other words, does your child know what to do if there was an attempted break-in, a fire, or other emergency?

Epic Fail. EPIC. Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” was so devoid of knowledge of self-preservational procedure that he thought circling around to confront (and attack) the stranger following him was a good idea. The idea of going home was too complex for him.

Do we know if Mr. Martin, Sr., did any of the things recommended in that article, before he ditched his son (who was visiting from out of town) and went off to dinner with his girlfriend? And shouldn’t we wonder what kind of father brings a “child” to stay with him, and then ditches that “child” to go off to dinner with his girlfriend? Was Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” Martin so much of an anti-social thug that dad didn’t want to take him out to dinner? Such a burden, that he’d rather leave him at home than spend time with him? Remember, he was just visiting. He had just come to stay with dad, but dad was already ditching him for dinner with the girlfriend. Or maybe, it was Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” Martin’s decision? Is that the kind of decision a child makes?

In Mr. Martin, Sr.’s place, would you feel completely comfortable leaving Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” Martin alone in your home? Would you feel he was up to the responsibility? That he had proven he had his head screwed on straight? Would you even feel halfway comfortable?

And why isn’t the media asking Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” Martin’s parents any of these questions? Why haven’t they asked Mr. Martin, Sr., WTF he was thinking leaving his violent, law-breaking, rule-breaking, anti-social, budding young thug of a son home alone?

Would Trayvon “No Limits Nigga” be in the ground right now, if his father hadn’t left him at home alone?

Would he be in the ground right now, if his mother had kept him at home with her, rather than send him to stay with his father?


4 thoughts on “Trayvon: please stop calling him a “child.”

  1. Organized Jewry – via the welfare/illfare state, crime lobby legal system, and drug culture – systematically attacks the Black family, rewarding disfunction, precisely in order to create legions of Trayvons. Stupid, violent thugs who then function – egged on by the kosher MSM – as the Jews’ lethal weapon against the Whites. So it won’t do to simply dump on the Congoids. That’s like blaming the gun for the crime. The essential problem is the Khazar hand that holds the gun.

  2. Wow, Svigor! Were going for a world record longest comment at Chuckie’s?

    I sometimes think that it’s useless arguing with libertarians. Anyway, nice to see you around.

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