How to save your conversations from the Orwellian Disqus thought police

This morning I saw a recent story at Amren about the ongoing racist Israeli immigration scandal:

Exodus: Israel to Drive Africans from Holy Land

So, naturally, I jumped in to correct the callow swimmers in Amren’s kiddie-pool. I was interested to see how many (if any) of my comments the moderator would delete, so when I was done I saved the page. When I returned a few hours later I was surprised to find that he’d nuked the entire conversation and closed the page to comments. I say “surprised” because based on our previous discussion of Amren’s censorship policies, he’d given me the impression that it was uncivil behavior, and not civil discussion, that caused him to nuke previous threads on these topics. Well, it’s now clear to me that he just doesn’t want people expressing opinions outside certain boundaries, and it’s about ideas, not whether they’re expressed in a civil fashion.

Well, on to the point of this post: Disqus really is the perfect medium for censors like Amren’s mod. Get this: when I opened the HTML file I’d saved on my computer in Firefox, the page started loading, the comments appeared, and then they disappeared! You cannot make this shit up. My browser talked to Disqus for a few seconds, and then bam, comments nuked – on the local copy on my computer! Just…can’t…make…this…shit…up. I reloaded the page and the comments didn’t appear at all.

So I opened the file in Notepad++ and scrolled down through the contents, and sure enough, the comments were all there, but I couldn’t get Firefox to show them. I tried setting Firefox to work offline and then reloaded the page, no dice. Then I did a search/replace in Notepad++, substituting “FUCKdisqust” for “disqus” and saved it to disk. That did the trick, preventing Firefox from talking to MiniTru as it loaded the page, and the comments showed up (you have to save the new HTML file in the same place as the original if you want it to look right when it loads, otherwise you get “naked” HTML). Protip: you can ditch all the files in the subfolder Firefox creates except the CSS files and it’ll load fine.

If you want to see what the Amren moderator considers an uncivil flame war deserving of deletion, see here:

Exodus: Israel to Drive Africans from Holy Land

Keep in mind that the discussion was apparently fine with the moderator until I got there this morning. And since the discussion was there for 10 days with no problem, I think we can safely conclude that he deleted the thread because of me; in all likelihood, there were only a couple of replies to my additions, if any, because I did my thing around 8 this morning and by 11 or so the comments were gone.

Message to the Amren censor: get used to this. I’m going to continue to contribute my views on Jews and Israel in a civil manner, just as I did in that thread. I’d rather have you nuke every single thread touching on Jews or Israel than have you direct the conversation on these subjects to suit your agenda. The rest of us will manage the conversation, instead. I’m also going to continue to pants you by posting the conversations online.


10 thoughts on “How to save your conversations from the Orwellian Disqus thought police

  1. I feel that Amren should be a forum for the pursuit of white racial interests.

    That’s it…the center of the tootsie-pop. “Is it good for whites” should be the object around which all of our political debates orbit. For what other reason should our institutions exist, but to serve our interests? And about what do we give a damn in a world absent our presence? I notice that Neanderthal concerns are rarely allotted airtime these days.

    And this is what sometimes grieves me about shallow-end sites like Amren and SBPDL. Neither makes the logical segue into explicit advocacy. Stuff black people don’t like is not necessarily the same thing as stuff white people do. I’m no more sanguine about jewish/mexican/asian run America than I am “BRA.”

    Though I assuage this chaffing with the knowledge that these sites serve a worthy purpose (perhaps even by conscious design): they are gateways. Absolutely no one is going to begin their journey of racial awakening at an Age of Treason or Occidental Observer. Amren and SBPDL are 101 courses; and that shouldn’t be construed as an insult. They are necessary and helpful. My complaint is that neither assists in graduating their audience into a more advanced curriculum—as your deleted thread will attest. To paraphrase Tsiolkovsky…Blacks are the cradle of awareness, but one can not eternally live in a cradle.

  2. Good to see you posting again.

    I was just on disqus, at the Daily Telegraph looking for Guessedworkers current comments. This is his ID on disqus at the moment.

    When you go to the relevant thread, the comments arent there although they still exist in the profile page.

  3. Lurker, the numbers encouraged me. I don’t have the patience to go through the compose-post-delete-banned-reregister cycle, so I stay clear of most forums, unless I see a fairly open comments policy (evidenced by the opinions of people like ourselves).

    I was telling a friend the other day about how radical a sea-change I’ve seen in online comment forums in the last few years. It’s quite astonishing, really. The number of pissed-off, openly anti-black or Afro-skeptical (Afro-skeptic, yes, you heard it here first!) comments has just gone right through the roof. It’s like in old cartoons when the mercury in the thermometer shoots to the top, then explodes through it.

  4. TH, I don’t know where Mangan’s went. If memory serves, there was some clue that he’d gone to a private blog, but it’s been forever since I tried to log in there and I can’t remember what it was.

  5. Sorry for this very late post. I’ve never actually commented at DISQUS, but I find that I am unable even to read any of the DISQUS comments at just about all of the sites that I visit (Bloomberg excepted). I believe that a sinister agency has taken over my computer. There is an extension to the address bars (the extension at Taki’s Mag is #axzz2OxCxMn18) when I access a site. I don’t know whether these extensions are added by the site itself or at a central point or embedded deep in my computer’s code. I’ve disabled JAVA to the extent that I am able but that doesn’t help. Any ideas will be appreciated.

    • Hah, no need to apologize for late posts. Then I’d be on the hook for late posts, too, never mind how slow I am to approve or reply to comments. 🙂

      As for your Disqus problems, disabling Java is probably what’s causing them, if I had to guess. Also, go to and set up an account. That helped with some of the problems I was having.

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