The death rate of the Rwandan Genocide far exceeded the death rate of the Jewish Holocaust

Hi folks. No, I’m not dead. I just don’t really have a “blog.” The only pieces I ever seem to really want to write up are the kind I keep having to type anew in comments to other blogs over and over. Like this one. Enjoy.

(Preamble: if you don’t know what “rate” means, please go look it up before you proceed. Hint: it doesn’t mean “total.”)

I got tired of having to paste this into comments at Sailer’s, so I’m putting it here. It’s proof that the Hutus kicked the Nazis’ ass at genocide:

Rwandan Genocide; estimates of total dead:

Duration: “Over the course of approximately 100 days”

Daily death rates: 5,000/8,000/10,000

Jewish Holocaust; estimate of total dead:

Duration: As is usual with the Jewish holocaust, getting a concise answer to a simple question like “when did the mass murder begin?” is not a quick affair (the Jewish holocaust Narrative seems to be more about “me talk, you listen” than a question and answer session), so I’m going to have to make a snap best guess at the Narrative here. If you don’t like it, suggest an alternative. I’ll go with two ranges:

4745 days (1933-1945 (A Timeline of the Holocaust (1933 – 1945 being roughly the accepted duration of the Jewish Holocaust)))
2555 days (1939-1945 (1939 being first mention of mass murder in timeline linked above))

Daily death rates: 1,264/2,348

So you see, even the highest estimates for the daily death rate of the Jewish holocaust are less than half of even the lowest estimates for the daily death rate of the Rwandan genocide. Hutus managed to (at minimum) double the vaunted efficiency of the Nazi holocaust against the Jews. In all likelihood, they were far more successful than a mere doubling; the proper figure (if we’re being ANTI-SEMITIC!!! and assuming the Jewish Holocaust wasn’t nearly as long a period as mainstream historians maintain, and go with 1939-1945 instead) is probably more like 2,350 daily rate, vs. 8,000 daily rate. Which is 3.4 times as efficient, not a mere doubling.

If the Nazis had been as efficient as the Hutus, there would be no Jewish Holocaust survivors today. In fact, they’d have finished the job and killed all 9,000,000 Jews in Europe in only 1125 days, or roughly 3 years, start to finish, using nothing more sophisticated than an SMG. Hitler should’ve hired a Hutu to consult.


6 thoughts on “The death rate of the Rwandan Genocide far exceeded the death rate of the Jewish Holocaust

  1. I think the official explanation would be Teutonic orderliness. The Germans felt the need to tidy up after themselves, whereas the more carefree Hutus didn’t mind leaving body parts scattered around like confetti.

  2. What are the criteria to tell how bad is a genocide?

    1. Daily death rate?

    2. Total number of people killed?

    3. Percentage of casualties in the targeted population?

    4. Harshness of the killing method?

    Maybe the Jews have a special calculation method, with a different coefficient for each criterion?

    But the most important point, for Jews, seems to be the evilness of the genociders. For example, the Judeo-Bolsheviks killed millions, and the Judeo-American bomber planes also incinerated a number of women and children, but they did it all in good spirit. They were good-natured people at heart. In Africa too, people tend to slaughter each other, but all in good fun.

    Sometimes we are told that (A) the German population at large was complicit in the gassing of 6 million Jews. Sometimes we are told that (B) the gas chamber project was a tightly kept secret (which would presumably explain why no evidence was left apart from Jewish tall tales).

    Depending whether you believe in (A) or (B), you’ll have to tamper with the coefficients, because no matter what, the conclusion has to be that the Jews’ holohoax was the worst of all.

    Also, the reason why the Rwandan genocide counts for nothing is that WE didn’t kill them. If the killers are not White, the genocide ranks lower on the scale.

  3. What about the negro genocide in American cities. Negroes killing negroes. Also negroes killing whites. Negroes and negresses should be required to be nude when out in public during the summer months. This would greatly reduce crime. That nude negro law is making more sense all the time now.

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