Many American White Men bla bla bla Oy Vey

Many American White Men bla bla bla Oy Vey

Many “American” minorities hate and fear white men because of their sense of racial inferiority.

Liberal Jewish men already feel physically, aesthetically, and sexually inadequate next to white men. Add in their own self-inflicted gelding in the name of metrosexual urban politics, plus their disproportionate predilection toward sodomy, and, well…


4 thoughts on “Many American White Men bla bla bla Oy Vey

  1. That article is what happens when Chauncey Gardiner writes an opinion column. All white men have small dicks and big egos and are threatened by the presence of fabulous quintessentials*––just like on the tv set!

    I’m sure the facing page (in dead-tree format) was some hand-wringing report about how a “hurting but vibrant” community endures “a tide of violence” with no agency or cause that the journalist can identify.

    *I.e. the 5 major victim groups that start with the letter ‘s’: spooks, spics, sheenies, swishes, and slits.

  2. Have you been drawing attention to Karlin’s article on WN sites, by any chance? It got a phenomenal number of comments, mostly hostile – over 500, compared to fewer than 25 for most similar articles on that site, even including another one on gun control.

    • No. All I did was post about it on my blog, which isn’t exactly what I’d call widely-read. I didn’t even link to it in comments elsewhere, not that I can recall anyway. I found the article via, which is probably how the swarm did, too.

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