SBPDL: A Murder in Midtown: What Brittney Watts’ Murder Symbolizes

SBPDL: A Murder in Midtown: What Brittney Watts’ Murder Symbolizes.

Wow, lots of interesting stuff here.  The post and comments work pretty well through the issues, so I’m just going to concern myself with some of the comments.

First, I was struck by this reaction from a commenter identifying herself as Brittney’s cousin:

Some(Just about all) of the comments here are arrogant, ignorant, incorrect, and nothing short of inhuman. If you don’t know her or her family history like I do, then unless you have something good to say, shut your mouth. Some idiots actually suggest this was racial. It was NOT about black/white. I know what it was about and the only ones who have it right are the ones who are reaching out to show love and support for this senseless and tragic loss to MY family. So if you don’t have something good to say, helpful to say, supportive of MY family to say, do the whole world a favor and keep your comments to yourself”…. Id like to send my condolences to you and your family. So unfortunate it had to come to this.

I’m going on the assumption that this isn’t a particularly nasty piece of yeasty liberal trolling.  This commenter shows no anger at all toward Brittney’s murderer.  It’s entirely about her anger that “raciss” are using Brittney’s murder toward political ends.  Presumably, if a bunch of DWLs got together and used the event to further their ends (something you see sprinkled throughout the post and the comments), that’s just fine.  Presumably, when DWLs make hay out of Emmitt Till and those poor little black girls firebombed in that church (which they’re still doing, 50 years later), that’s hunkey-dorey.  “Who-whom?” indeed.

If white America had followed the “raciss'” advice from the beginning, Brittney would be alive right now.  If segregationists had won, Brittney would be alive right now.

Brittney’s cousin’s real source of anger, of course, is herself.  She’s got the shrill tone of the doubting believer.  I believe shrinks call this “displacement.”  She’s also desperate to save her own soul by putting her head back into the sand.  To lose a cousin is bad enough – to lose her own soul to racism would be a second tragedy.  Might cost her professionally or, God forbid, socially.

So, we’ve established that the victim’s family is covering for the perp.  As an anonymous Good Samaritan puts it:

Maybe it’s just me, con-man, but I find it incredibly distasteful for you to use the death of a young white woman to further your site.

Notice a pattern yet?  Presumably this fellow is smart enough to know, given a bit of thought, that he should probably condemn it when other races do it; surely he’s aware that Emmitt Till, lynching, slavery, those poor little black girls firebombed in that church, etc., are all used on a constant basis to further liberalism?  He simply chose not to, probably because he wants to keep “who-whom?” all to himself.

As an educated black male, it really upsets me when a few ignorant fools ruin it for all of humanity. I hope he gets the death penalty for what he did. My prayers go out to Ms. Watt’s family

I understand that this fellow is just trying to say “hey I’m black and I want this ‘ignorant’ guy to fry for this, so give me a break willya?”  But isn’t that just using this girl’s death to further his agenda?  He could’ve just left out the part where we find out he’s black, couldn’t he?

Wow, I can’t believe some of the comments here. Blacks are not the only murderers. Let’s not forget the slave trade, slavery, civil rights movement etc… where blacks were beaten, lynched, etc… just for being black and this was at the hands of whites. Not to mention, whites murder people in Atlanta as well so let’s not make this a race issue. Murder has no color bounds, crazy is crazy regardless of race. A white male just killed his mother in an nice neighborhood so it doesn’t matter where you live, the race, or the class. It worries me that some of you people may work with me or live near me with these ignorant mindsets.

This one is even more interesting.  The slave trade, slavery, white reaction to civil rights, lynching, etc., all go in the “bad whitey” column, but black murderers of white women mustn’t go into the “bad blackey” column.  Whites murder at 1/10th (or whatever the exact figure is) the rate of blacks, so blacks are no worse than whites on the murder scale; “murder has no color bounds,” you see.  Then there’s the parting implication that the real danger comes from white racists.

This crime had absolutely nothing to do with race; just look at how the case is described. It sounds like Thandiwe was a nice normal man who may have went crazy. Maybe he was like Seung Hui-Cho from VA Tech massacre. Maybe he was insane. When someone is described as “quiet” and “nice” (his family who’d been living there for 15 years) and they go berserk, it’s usually due to mental illness.

How can you even say it was racial?

But all of the lynchings of black men in America had everything to do with race – that’s an article of American faith.  The fact that “mental illness” seems to grip blacks at rates orders of magnitude higher than it does whites has “absolutely nothing to do with race,” I guess.

To use the death of one white person by a black person as a rallying cry for your bigotry is just… unsavory and frightening. You guys are just as bad as the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons!

Yes, Sharpton and Jackson do it on a national level, have gotten rich doing it, and are embraced by the establishment.  So obviously the white guys doing it on their blogs, for no pay, only to be reviled by the establishment and spit upon by the people they’re trying to help, are just as bad.

This was not racial.

So, the blacks in LA went ape over the King verdict not because white cops (after a nice hostile edit by the MSM) got away with beating a violent black criminal, but because cops got away with beathing a violent criminal.  If it had been black cops beating a violent white criminal and getting away with it, LA would’ve burned just the same.  Got it.

Not everyone is like you and most of us don’t think like you. Anyone who would use something like this to discriminate against innocent people because of the color of their skin should be exiled from society.

What a shame for someone to use an innocent victim of crime for their own political agenda. It is sick! You people are mentally ill and obsessed with hating people if they don’t look a certain way. Thank God you are in the tiny minority of thought. And you are, don’t delude yourselves into thinking otherwise.

Mentioning Emmitt Till and those poor firebombed black girls, or slavery, Jim Crow, or lynching is “a shame.”  It is “sick!”  “Mentally ill,” and “obsessed with hating.”  Got it.  From the libtards’ own mouths we got it.

Do you people care about the white victims of white crime? Do you only care when a white person is the victim of a person of color?

This is probably the same troll who keeps asking the same stupid questions at Sailer’s.  Recognition of white on white crime is not a problem in America, though it is never framed in those terms.  White on white crime is not swept under the rug.  Black crime is swept under the rug.  Black on white crime is swept under the rug.  Jesse and Al are free to worry only about the supposed crimes and misdeeds whites perpetrate against blacks, but a guy with a blog who worries only about the actual crimes and misdeeds of blacks (and their white enablers, I don’t want to forget about them) against whites is “bad, bad, bad!”

The fact that taking up a cause even when you’re reviled for it is a much higher form of justice than taking up a cause that gets you financial and social rewards is probably something so far outside a DWL’s thinking that it might as well be in another universe.

I was good friends with Brittney from elementary school all the way through college. For those that don’t believe me, we attended Crabapple Crossing Elementary, Northwestern Middle School, Roswell High School, and UGA together.

This post is disgraceful and disrespectful to her and her family. Brittney had many black friends growing up, and you using her death to spew your hatred and racism is disgusting. To say that her life was meaningless couldn’t be more true. Her short life did more to better our world than yours will ever do.

I wish this happened to you instead of her. You are everything that white people are embarrassed of, and you are part of the problem. You live in fear of another race and let it consume your thoughts. Please, never mention Brittney’s name again, and don’t try to pull her into your sick agenda.

Back to the relatives.  Now she’s upping the ante, doubling down on DWL Syndrome, by implying that white “racism” has something to do with Brittney’s murder.  We’re “part of the problem,” you see.  She’s so drunk on the Kool-Aid, she doesn’t see that she’s now making political hay out of Brittney’s death (“Brittney had many black friends growing up”).  God willing, I’ll never have to lie in my grave, murdered, knowing that my relatives are using my life and death to make political hay for libtardism, and to lay down covering fire for black-enablers.

re: your comment and I quote “but Brittney went to Roswell High School in Dunwoody” second.. I knew Brittany along with her husband as we all went to school together.. and I hate that people such as yourself are using her name to talk racist and using her name to promote your neo-Nazi beliefs.. She was a kind loving soul and would be upset to hear you using her name in such a speech.. you should be ashamed!!!

Again, it’s okay for these Kool-Aid swillers to use Brittney’s murder to push their “anti-racist” and “anti-neo-Nazi” black-enabling beliefs, but bad-bad-bad for “racists” to use her murder to further theirs.

Even the other posters on this site are so irrational in their hatred that they, too, ignore this. And the only thing you and the other posters say to answer these family and friends of Brittney Watts is that if she was a racist she would be alive?

Again: if the “raciss” had won, yes, Brittney would still be alive today.  If she took black crime seriously and had armed herself, she might be alive today.  If all three of these women who this cretin attacked had taken black crime seriously and armed herself, she might still be alive, and our black rent-a-cop probably wouldn’t.

    Wow. This is amazing. If a white person kills a black person, does this mean all white people are evil? Of course not.

No more than it means all whites should be on the hook for slavery, lynching, black poverty, black crime, etc.  But whites are, in fact, on the hook.

The comment continues:

As I reflect over the comments on tthis site I am reminded of a line from the movie A Time to Kill

Yes, a typically Bizarro-World fantasy film produced by psycho liberals is truly relevant.

We live in a society of hypocrites who find solace in hating others because of their own short comings.

Apparently, taking a dump on America as a whole is okay in the DWL mental universe.  Then there’s the old saw about “hypocrites finding solace in hating others because of their own shortcomings.”  Maybe the left should pull the beam from its own eye before examining the mote in ours?  Black-enablers front and center?

I dream of a day when black people and white people become just people. Most of you don’t know these young women and don’t really care what happended to them. This stimply gives you an oppportunity to put other people down and feel good about themselves. Take a good look in the mirror. Stop blaming black people for your problems. Be a part of the solution.

DWL hypocrisy really speaks for itself.  Telling black-enablers to stop blaming white people for blacks’ problems would be raciss.

I love where I live, and I love our community. I don’t live in fear like you suggest we should. I live with love and happiness in my heart, much like Brittney did. And I already know your response to that will be, “Well look where that got her, killed.” There is no point arguing with you on this issue, because you are too stubborn to look at this from a different point of view.

Again: if the “raciss” had won, Brittney would be alive today.  It’s stubborn not to look at this point of view and understand that it’s 100% valid.

   Does this mean you wouldn’t have written it had you known? Although I know you will never say it, I think you feel bad for bringing her story onto your site in this way, knowing now that there’s a good chance some of her family and friends have read this.

Listen man, I truly believe everyone has a right to their own opinion. However, there is an amount of respect and restraint that needs to be shown in situations like this. Just because a black guy in Midtown showed no respect or restraint for Brittney doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show any either. Part of being an adult means knowing when to bite your tongue. Just because you have the freedom to write anything you want at any time, it doesn’t mean you should.

But it’s okay for DWLs to use Emmitt Till, slavery, firebombed black girls, black poverty, black crime, etc., to further their agenda.  They need observe no “respect” or “restraint.”  So does the “D” in “DWL” stand for “disingenuous,” or “dumb”?  It’s okay for Brittney’s family to use her death to further their “anti-raciss” “anti-Nazi” agenda.  “Anti-racism” and “anti-Nazism” are what put Brittney in her grave, so, I guess there’s an odd sort of consistency there.

These DWLs all respond to Brittney’s death by loudly doubling-down on DWLism.  But I wonder how long that’s going to hold up?  Ideas have a way of taking their sweet time percolating.  I’ll finish the quotes with this one from Porter:

    With increasing despondency, I have read the dozen or so comments from white drones visiting here for the first time. That they are able to regurgitate their programming so woodenly–even when faced with the death of a loved one—is sufficient to conclude that a great many whites are now simply unreachable. They have chosen death over discrimination. The mind reels at the power of propaganda.

But this is no longer about Ms. Watts; she is gone. This is about protecting all of the other innocent, beautiful white women who still may yet become mothers. This is about learning from our experiences, rather than plunging our heads into the sand. This is about facing unpleasant facts rather than repeating comfortable lies. This is about being true to ourselves, our families, and our people; rather than to the enemies who despise us. This is about living instead of dying…living free and proud rather than groveling and apologetic.

This is about our children and the world they will inherit. Choose it carefully.

I think if there’s a take-home lesson here that hasn’t been done to death already, it’s the need for Critical Thinking and an emphasis on Reciprocity.  Critical Thinking is a winner, in that it’s just the sort of thing leftists have been using against us, lo these many years: universal, “race-neutral,” and common-sense good ideas that they can push for ulterior motives.  Critical thinking just happens to be one of those things that serves our best interests, and not theirs.  Conservatives, Christians, Paleocons, Libertarians, Far Leftists – pretty much anyone but the ruling political class – all benefit from and can get behind pushing Critical Thinking.

Reciprocity is another.  The typically DWL American has no clue whatsoever what Reciprocity is, much less how to use it.  Or at best, has a giant, empty black hole in his mind where Reciprocity intersects with race, religion, ethnicity, culture, etc.  I might be wrong about the empty part, though; there might be a widescreen TV sitting there.